The Doughnut Diaries
The Doughnut Diaries
exploring, eating and trying to look cute.

hi all! i'm grace and this is a space where i share my life in nyc through the doughnuts i consume and the clothes i wear. 

you may wonder, "why doughnuts??". i wonder too! i've always loved sweets and i have been hitting up the good ole DD almost my entire life back in wisconsin, but never did i think i would have a doughnut blog! to be honest, when tyler and i first moved to nyc, we were pretty tight on the green and doughnuts were one of those things that i knew i could always afford. we have a DD at the end of our block and it became a bit of a stress relief zone for a while. and then the obession kinda grew from there with nyc having so many great doughnut places! so there you have it. i guess that's how it started!

i moved out to nyc from wisconsin right after college (back in 2013) and have been here ever since. i have been living in queens since the beginning with my cute partner in crime, tyler. he is the master behind the lense of the photos and videos of me! this all couldn't be possible without his relentless support of shoving doughnuts in my face ;)

i spend my days working in advertising and running paid social for big accounts! this blog is my creative outlet and i hope you get a few smiles, doughnut cravings and inspiration from it! 

xo! grace