Palm Springs - I love you.


hope your weekend has been going well!

i am so excited to finally share with you our photo diary trip to palm springs!! if you follow me on instagram, you may have already known tyler and i were there seeing i posted ~6 photos a day (oops!). but i couldn’t help myself and i will NOT apologize because PS was one of the most amazing places i’ve ever been. and tyler agrees, too! i am going to write about our trip in phases since we did so many things and there are countless photos to show for. so let’s talk about day one!

you might wonder why in the world we even chose to go to palm springs, it is a little random especially because we weren’t going to coachella (i’ve never been nor do i have the desire to) and we aren’t over 60. in all honesty, i don’t have a straightforward answer. if i had to really put my finger on a reason, it is one-part seeing it featured in “the oc” YEARS ago when they all go to oliver’s parent’s house in palm springs and summer is wearing that adorable t-shirt that says, “PS, i love you” - you oc fans know the one! another part is because of the glitz and glamour of the 50s and 60s. it was the ultimate get-away from LA for big movie starts like Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Nat King Cole, Debbie Reynolds - the list goes on and on! i am also a HUGE fan of mid-century modern architecture and palm springs is a haven for it. tyler mainly wanted to go for the warm weather and hey, that wasn’t bad either! :)

we already knew this trip was going to be somewhat of an adventure before even getting on the plane. for those living in nyc, we had a horrible snow storm literally a day after it was 60 degrees. long story short, our flight ended up getting cancelled and we luckily got out the next day. once we touched down in ps, it was 9pm and as tyler and i were walking to pick-up our rental, we could see the outlining of the mountains in the dark and we both got all excited and couldn’t WAIT for morning. we found a great groupon for the saguaro and i’m so happy we stayed there for our first time in PS! it is super colorful, the pool is to die for, and the restaurant attached, el jefe, has some of the best nachos and tacos tyler and i have ever had. in fact, we immediately ate there the night we arrived. we knew the food was going to be great and what better way to start a vacation by eating nachos and sipping margs? 

going from east to west coast time was a bit challenging, but i was grateful because it made us get up early! just about every morning we were up at 6am. we would sip our coffee on our balcony while listening to the birds and staring at the mountains (sounds corny, i know). that simple routine was one of our favorite parts of the trip! it was so peaceful and picturesque. i think tyler and i both have this idea that once we’ve “made it” every morning we will wake up and sip coffee on a porch or balcony and ease into our day as we please and those PS mornings were definitely a taste of the good life. so at about 8am, tyler and i were READY to go explore. mind you our reservations for breakfast weren’t until 10am so we had some time to kill. for the first 10 minutes, we were driving around in awe of how beautiful the scenery was. mountains + palm trees + sunshine. YOU. CANT. BEAT. IT. maybe it is just because i didn’t see mountains until i was 20, but there is something about them that makes you feel things. for example, tyler was taking a photo of mountains before breakfast and shouted “I FEEL SO ALIVE” and i knew exactly what he meant ;) the first spot we checked out was the pink door. this door basically is IG famous and i wasn’t about to miss it! there are so many statement doors in PS. people are definitely not afraid of patterns and color (like me!) which is one of the reasons i came to love this place so much.

if you have any questions, please ask in the comments!