Brooklyn morning.

wasssup* weekend!!

you guys, this weekend could not have come soon enough. these past few days at work have been so stressful and i was just LIVING for waking up at 8:30 on saturday and having that super chill morning on the couch. BUT while i did get to sleep in a little, it wasn’t exactly a “chill” morning ;) tyler and i had gone out to dinner on friday to this place called lilia, which by the was so yummy. i could eat their mozzarella toast all. day. long. but, so ok, i was woken up by tyler (which in itself is weird). he was like, “boo - i left my backpack at lilia!! and i tried calling and they aren’t answering their phone. but, they have a cafe that’s open right now so i was thinking we could go down there.” meanwhile, i’m listening and thinking about how good my dream was (it was about buying puppies) and how now i have to get dressed in the next 15 min and be a real person. BUT after all of that, we got dressed and were out the door by 9. that’s VERY early for us to be out in the world on a saturday, but it turned out to be great! we were able to get tyler’s backpack, and lilia has these amazing pastries (as shown above!).

since we had all this time, we figured we might as well hang out in williamsburg for a little longer. we tried out a new place for breakfast, sweet chick. if you at all love southern food then you have to try this place out! i ordered the eggs with biscuits and mushroom gravy. tyler got a black bean patty with salad and eggs. it was all super good!!

once we finished breakfast, we popped into a few more shops in the area, and then i had the most BRILLIANT IDEA. i knew there was a grocery store close by that sold jeni’s ice cream. for those who have not experienced jeni’s ice cream yet…it is actually the best ice cream tyler and i have ever had. the only catch is that it’s only sold in super fancy grocery stores or high end cheese & meat shops! ugh. it is probably for the best though - jeni’s is NOT cheap (~$15 per pint!). as i was saying though, i knew there was a place close by that sold it! so off we went to pick it up :) unfortunately, they didn’t have my favorite flavor, sweet cream and biscuits, but honestly any flavor would be good. we ended up with a pint of their vanilla and their strawberry.

now we are back at the apartment and i’m about to go HAM on this jeni’s ice cream very soon.

have a great rest of your weekend everyone!!




*do people still think of scary movie when they hear “wasssuppp”?? because that is always the first thing that pops into my mind ;)