Skincare regimen!

let me start off by saying that in no way shape or form do i consider myself a beauty expert. half the time i usually go for the products my friends recommend (have you visited the daily pretty lately?) or whatever packaging i think looks sophisticated (don’t lie, i KNOW you have done it, too!). 

however, when something works i feel super compelled to share it. i have always had the typical mild “acne” breakouts. usually they are the kind that are under the skin meaning they are pretty stress induced - especially if you are in/over your 20s - but nevertheless are embarrassing and take a hard hit to your self-confidence. why can’t i be like one of those girls in the commercials who washes her face, flips her hair and has one of her friends grab her to tell her they look awesome and go grab coffee sans make-up!? is that so hard?? well yes, it is when you live in a world of pollution, stress and when your best friend lives half-across the country and can’t run into your bathroom to grab you (i’m looking at you olivia). so now that you know what i’ve dealt with, i want to share with you my skin regimen that is (fingers crossed) still working! i haven’t broken out in over 2-3 weeks which is a huge step for me. 


morning routine:

  1. glossier milk jelly cleanser
  2. glossier super pure serum
  3. glossier super glow serum
  4. glossier priming moisturizer
  5. mario badescu rosewater spray

evening routine:

  1. glossier milk jelly cleanser
  2. neutrogena light therapy mask
  3. glossier greens galaxy pack mask (3x a week)
  4. glossier moisturizing moon mask (3x a week)
  5. glossier super pure serum
  6. glossier super bounce serum
  7. glossier priming moisturizer
  8. mario badescu rosewater spray
  9. mario badescu drying lotion

you will see that based on my pictures and routine, half of the products are from glossier. i whole-heartedly believe in this company and their products and am glad i invested my time and money into giving them a shot. i use all of the glossier products everyday except the masks - those i usually do every other day. i also recently started using the neutrogena light therapy acne mask and i’m obsessed. the price is right and i think this is a huge contributing factor as to why i haven’t broken out (not to mention you feel very futuristic and hip using it). the mario badescu drying lotion i use on any impurities like scars or areas that are prone to breaking out (for me that is my chin). i put in on in the evening and sleep with it over night. prior to using, i give myself a good 4-5 mists of rosewater spray - it feels so good on your skin and is very hydrating. 

the best part of all of the above products is that they are affordable. everything i use listed above combined is roughly $200. i know that sounds like a lot, but just think that sometimes two products individually can cost $80 and know that you don’t have to invest in everything at once. baby steps. ;) also, if you are located in the nyc area i highly recommend you stop by the glossier showroom. the employees are super helpful (not to mention look like glossier angels) and you can sample the products.

i hope you found this helpful!! as mentioned, i am not a beauty expert and would recommend you consult with your dermatologist if you have severe acne on what works for you. i have mild-stress induced acne and wouldn’t want to lead anyone astray! 



p.s. - let me know if you would like to see more posts like these in the future <3