My Current Skincare Favorites

My Current Skincare Favorites

hello all!

i thought i would do a quick overview of my current skincare routine. the products are listed in order of use and most everything is linked below! the innisfree products are linked in the photos where they are featured. for context, i have pretty combination skin..aka oily t-zone and cheeks on the dry-ish side. i always find these kind of posts super helpful becuase there are just so many products out there no one can keep up! everything i use i have been using for over 2 months and have my stamp of approval! 

disclaimer: i do not consider myself a beauty expert and these products are what i have found to work for me. know your skin and don't try something if you think it will cause you irritation! if you have any questions about the products listed below, feel free to drop a comment! also, leave a comment for a chance to win my favorite purchase of 2017 - a jade roller!!

i hope you find this helpful! if not, let me know what you would like to see done differently next time. your feedback is everything!