My Saturday in Astoria

My Saturday in Astoria


i think we can all agree having a place where you feel where you belong is important. after living in our neighborhood for four (going on five!) years, tyler and i have grown to love our neighborhood so much. for those who don't know, tyler and i live in astoria - a neighborhood within queens (a borough of new york city). as a reminder, there are five nyc boroughs (can you name them all?! comment below if you can!).

when first coming out here, looking for apartments in the city was extremely overwhelming. of course you want to live in the city and anything seems doable. "i can make a $2000 studio work!", or "who needs a full fridge anyway?", or "shared floor bathroom? wait. is that for real??" - ah, yes. just a few of the things you come across when you haven't navigated the nyc apartment landscape (face palmx10000). eventually, after all the craziness, i came across astoria. tyler was still in mn at this point, so it was up to me to find a place! i had never heard of the are before, but the proximity to nyc was great (only 15 minutes to central park!) and the rent was appetizing. i still have this vivid memory of walking around after seeing our apt. and feeling the energy of the neighborhood. i could just tell there was something good here. flash forward and here we are! still in astoria and still in our same apartment (by choice because the rent really cannot be beaten!). by far, the best part about living here has been developing a sense of community. we know our laundry ladies, our baristas, as well as a few local business owners! living in a city so big, it is heartwarming to see friendly faces who will give you a wave on your block.

so, after all of that - i thought i would take this opportunity to share what a typical saturday looks like for us!

that's a wrap! things not photographed we also do on a saturday...go to the gym and hang out in our robes! 

what did you think of this post? do you want to see a larger astoria guide? how would you like to see it - photos or video? let me know in the comments below, your feedback is super important!