FORD: Taxi Chic

FORD: Taxi Chic

hi all!

idk if you've noticed, but i am FEELING the yellow this year. the pants are actually part of the yellow blazer i wore back in this post (here!). i'm saving the full outfit reveal as one of my europe looks to be totally honest. actually it is all i have been thinking about lately!! the outfits that is :) i keep going back and forth on what i want my vibe to be (yes, these are the thoughts i torture myself with). BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. do i want to be "cool/street style girl" or do i want to be "classic/romantic holding a bouquet of flowers near a bike girl"? right now its a mix of both and i think that works! also, i hope i didn't make you gag with those previous analogies. :) 

now...on to the outfit run down: i really can't say enough good things about these pants...the wide-legs have a great flow, they are high-waisted and most importantly are just all around flattering/comfy. i also love that both the pants and blazer can be worn individually in multiple use-cases. something very important when buying statement pieces! also, let's not forget about the turtleneck! i am finding myself planning more looks around this turtleneck ever since i bought it! it is light, but warm. and it has a nice fitted stretch to it. oh, not to mention it is on sale and comes in about three other colors!

ok, i need to run off to do some errands! happy shopping! links to everything featured below.