it's the money, honey: euro trip

it's the money, honey: euro trip

hello out there,

i've been trying to find ways to break this "shell" within blogging. mainly trying to be more transparent about day-to-day things without being depressing af. one constant question i have when following a blogger/IG account is: "how much did that cost?" i think we all follow a few people who live this luxurious lifestyle and while it is fun to watch, it is not attainable for the 90% of us. so, i thought i would take this as an opportunity to talk about something tyler and i are fortunate enough to do: travel

before we really get in to the dollars and cents, i think it is important to clearly express WHY i am sharing these details: 

  1. because maybe you look at my pics and wonder, "how much did that cost her? is this something i could afford?"
  2. because i want to be transparent with how i choose to spend my money 
  3. because we are all people and as a reader, this is something i would like to know. so i'm sharing it with you!

i am NOT sharing this to:

  1. brag
  2. make you feel bad
  3. make you believe i am a better money handler than you

ok, shall we?


trip details:

  • Total days of vacation: 12
  • Timeframe: 4/4-4/16
  • Travel Itinerary:

price details:

NOTE: the below prices are a mix of what i paid for as part of my half (hotels and flights) and tyler and i taking turns on paying for things (mainly food. i.e. - he pays for a meal, then i pay).

  • flights: $659
    • At first glance, you may think this is super cheap. and you are kind of right. each roundtrip flight to paris was $600 dollars, but by opening up a delta gold card we each saved $200. aka we paid $400 from JFK to Paris! the remaining $259 listed is three separate flights on transavia. paris > amsterdam, amsterdam > barcelona, barcelona > paris. roughly $86 per one way.
  • hotels: $930
    • We really lucked out on our first four nights in paris as we got to stay with tyler's friend. money back in our pocket! so we were able to splurge a little more on the rest of our trip. as listed above, this cost covered: 3 nights in Amsterdam ($350 per night), 3 nights in Barcelona ($180 per night), 1 night in Paris ($250 per night)
  • food: $1,418
    • So you may look at this and wonder, what the F*#@ did you eat, woman?! Here is the thing: tyler and i reaaaally love food. so if we are going to throw-down our money, it will be on food. So the price you see covers a few tasting menus WITH the wine pairing. this can cost up to $300 per meal with no tip. tyler and i also had a bit of an understanding that he would pay for all the ubers and i would get the non-tasting meals (we split the pricey dinners). every couple has their way of doing "money things" and this is what works for us. ALSO - i was a nice big sister and covered for three people instead of two during our barcelona stint where we visted my little college brother ;) love you jimmy!
  • souvenirs: $691
    • This strictly covered vintage clothes and Sephora runs. I did not hold back. The Euro reeeally hurt me here to be honest. at one store i spent $360. YIKES. but i love every piece so much and the experience i had there was special. in my mind, it was worth it. ALSO - i found a vintage burberry trench for $150 euros which is insane. still a lot, but insane.

grand total: $3,698

so, you may be wondering: HOW DID YOU AFFORD THIS? well, you see, i make all the money and this is mere pocket change. lololol. jk, i wish. you may be surprised, but our hotel and flights were all covered from our tax refund. yes, tax refund! what a marvelous thing. soooo - i like to look at this as a $2,000 trip spent on food and clothes :) i also dipped into some savings, which i probably shouldn't have. but there are times when i think "if i live to 80 and i didn't spend the money, would i regret it?" the answer is usually yes and then it puts things into perspective. this doesn't mean i should do this all the time, but you get what i mean.

ok i need to go back to the food part one more time.... 1. did we need to spend this much on food? no. 2. do i regret it? no. in fact, i do not regret a single cent spent. 



PS -  what did you think of this post? did this give you the insight into my life you were lacking?? ;) tell me in the comments!