2018 Doughnut Diaries Pledge

2018 Doughnut Diaries Pledge

hi fam,

does it feel like its been a while? it should because it has (unless you are reading this for the first time, then welcome!). blogging is one of these weird things in my life that ebbs and flows. sometimes i can be really on it and then other times i disappear for four months. no matter how often i blog though, i always feel it welcomes me back with open arms. i really do love it and i don't know why i let myself slip into these periods off the radar. i feel like when i blog, i am trying to be the best version of myself. do it for the content right? this isn't to say that if i weren't blogging i may not have dressed cute, traveled somewhere or gotten a doughnut. blogging just helps heighten every day moments. for example, looking cute on the weekends can sometimes be a challenge - but when i know there is going to be a camera in my face i get excited to think about my "look" and put effort into the clothes i sometimes stare at for minutes on end with zero inspiration. 

so after that long-winded paragraph, i'm here to say that i am going to start blogging again! i am going to aim for one post a week. that may not seem like a lot, but if you knew the hours it took to make a single blog post you may have a little more empathy! 

i really want to make my blog different (as does everyone). but so many of the bloggers/influencers i follow are wearing gucci belts, have killer bods and travel to extravagant destinations on the reg. while this lifestyle is desirable, it is not attainable for 70% of the population. i own a target belt, maybe exercise 3-4 times a week/snack past 9pm, and travel with limited vacation time and funds. however, i would be lying if i said that i don't enjoy following these people, because i do. and i am not trying to hate on anyone...i just feel like that part of the blogging world is a little saturated. 

SOOOO. what can you expect to see on my blog in 2018? tyler and i brainstormed for a bit over winter break about what we think will be inspirational to you and others out there! and yes, i said "tyler and i". if it weren't for tyler having a blog would be nearly impossible. he is my photographer, hype-man and emotional support system. he has taught me so many valuable skills when it comes to this and it's really just a bonus that we're sleeping together ;) 

here's what's to come in 2018!

  • tiny home updates
    • there are SO many things we (i) want to do to the apartment. i don't know how because it feels like we have already done so much! but this series is for those who are looking for design inspiration, how much updates/items costs, and renter-friendly spruces  
  • favorite affordable finds (70% target, 30% amazon)
    • my love for both of these companies is no secret. i can't wait to share with you my favorite things! still trying to figure out the best way to show you these things...i'm thinking a pinterest board. does anyone have any preference? 
  • quick and easy bites
    • here's the thing. i love food, but i don't want to cook. i love eating healthy, but i also love cheese. see the problem? here i'll share some recipes i think satisfy the best of these worlds. oh, and if you think i came up with these recipes on my own, think again. i'm no betty crocker! so links will definitely be provided and recipe modifications will be added.
  • friday outfit run-down
    • during the week when i go to my real job, dressing to impress can be hard. you wake up, are tired and you want to crawl back in bed. but, i'm trying to be more positive and get excited to dress for the world during the week and so should you! tis the season to be EXTRA. so on friday's, expect an outfit overview!

hopefully at least one of these sounds exciting :) i'm still going to be documenting trips we take and doughnuts worth mentioning, but a fresh perspective is important for anything.

cheers to 2018 and for keeping up with the things that make us happy and for trying to pursue your DREAMS! corny, but true. and hey, thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this far! even if that is tyler's mom and my own parents - i appreciate you! please comment if you read this and tell me about yourself and what segment you are most excited for! if you can't comment, then DM me on IG because that ain't good.