August Book Reads

August Book Reads

i have been really up on my book game lately. it all started when we were up north in grand marais. i picked up ruth ware's novel, in a dark, dark wood and i couldn't put it down! i had just finished her other book, the woman in cabin 10 (also great!!) and knew i wanted something in that genre. ever since finishing in a dark, dark wood, i felt oddly naked not having a book to read anymore! so just the other day i went to barnes and noble and did a little stocking-up! i don't know about you, but i just love holding a book. i have tried reading on my ipad and it isn't the same. having a physical copy just feels good in your hands. 

ok, getting a little sidetracked! so after i bought all of these books, i thought i would share them! i would love to hear anyone's thoughts on the below books if you have already read them/are reading them, etc. aka - let's have an online bookclub! and please, if you have any recommendations of books that you think others just need to read, let me know in the comments! i have been really into psychological/crime thrillers lately. so that's why you will see a lot of those below :)

let the doughnut diaries book club commence!

please leave some comments if you have read any of the books listed above! i would love to hear your thoughts/opinions, just no spoilers!! :)