Memorial Day in the Catskills

hi all!

oh man! how is the long weekend already over?! i am a little sad to write this post because it means another trip has ended and is now just a memory to live in my head and on the blog. i was telling tyler on our way to work this morning how whenever we have a trip planned, the anticipation is so fun and then the trip is amazing and then it is just over all of a sudden. i am always left feeling so sad and just thinking about how i want to be on vacation again just doing our own thing and not having any commitment to the world besides whatever WE want to do. BEING AN ADULT IS HARD. shit. anyway, i'm now calling this feeling PVD - post vacation depression. the good thing about being an adult and having a real job is being able to afford to go on these trips, i guess :) #silverlining. so enough of that whining and let's talk about our memorial day trip up to the catskills!

this was me and tyler's very first time up in this neck of the woods. the farthest north we have gone upstate is beacon and cold spring (two great towns!) so this was pretty exciting for us! the catskills are about a 3 hour car ride out of the city and worth every minute to get there. the mountains are truly one of nature's gifts (CORNY ALERT. but it's true). the tall pines and rolling hills look like something out of a movie or a mark twain novel. 

tyler and i stayed at this adorably cool inn called, the spruceton inn. one of my friends, allie, posted some pics of a trip she took there last year and i had been dying to visit ever since! they label themselves as a "bed and bar" meaning you can get some complimentary whisky in your coffee if you really wanted to (that's not a joke!). the place was actually started by a husband and wife who lived in the city and moved up-state to open their own inn...#goals. the decor is whimsical and modern, but still has a good cozy vibe that you want when staying in the boonies. and i mean the boonies. there was absolutely no service and the only wifi available is in "room 1" which is where guests check-in/get a drink or bite to eat. honestly, it was kind of nice to be tapped out from the world for 2 solid days. tyler and i went on a hike, made a fire and did some other local activities. since we were so far out in the country, just about everything "close" was an hour away. but i didn't even mind because the drive is so beautiful.

annnnnd here are the pics! sorry there are so many! it was so hard to choose! 

when we weren't hanging around at the inn, we made our way out to a few different restaurants. one place was actually called gracie's and they were known for their doughnuts! fate. we also stopped by this drive-in movie theater, which tyler and i both hadn't done since high school. so that was a super fun nostalgia moment. of course, there was a quick hike involved and despite my complaining about the bugs (to be fair, there were a TON of bugs) it was actually quite nice. and i don't have any pictures of this because the food was SO good, but brushland eating house was a treat. it is a fresh and local spot with amazing dishes. i had the pan-fried chicken and tyler had the orchette. both were so good and the wine was also mouth-watering. tyler and i both agreed it was one of our top five meals we've ever had!!


on our last day, we made our way down to the phoenicia diner. this was by far one of the highlights of the trip. the diner feels so authentic and the food was GREAT. it had just rained that morning so all the fog was resting in the mountains and i honestly felt like we were on set of a movie, or twin peaks! if you are ever in the area, GO. even if it is an hour outside of your destination, it is worth the trip!! lastly, we made a quick detour in woodstock - a place i've always wanted to visit. i was a little bummed that the actual concert field is 40 minutes away so unfortunuately, we weren't able to recreate the hippie pics of my dreams ;) next time.

and there you have it! now we are back to city life and i am already craving that crisp mountain air. we will be back soon. i just know it.