flashback to charleston!

hey all!

tyler and i are gearing up for our trip back to charleston next saturday and we can hardly wait! we visited charleston last may and we were smitten with it's charm. for those who have never been, i highly recommend you go - a friend recently told me it was even rated travel and leisure's number 1 city to visit and i'd have to agree! 

me being me, i want to buy all the new clothes for this trip, but i gave up shopping at my favorite store, asos, for lent!! side-note, i'm not overtly religious at all. however, i do like to partake in lent each year. i like that it makes us think about things we don't need, but are lucky enough to have. and for me this year, that's asos! AND. I. AM. STRUGGLING. 

here are some pics from our trip below! the weather was seriously bad last time we were there (98 degrees PLUS humidity....was literally sweating 24/7), but since we are going a little earlier in the year, we are looking at much more doable weather. 

can't wait to share will you our new pictures from our trip!