Europe Outfit Board

Europe Outfit Board

you guyyyys! 

our trip to europe is officially less than a month away!! if you need a refresher, tyler and i will be heading to paris, amsterdam and barcelona for almost two weeks! so far we don't have much planned beyond where we are staying and the order of the countries we are visiting (we still have time!). however, we are staying in three very cute hotels! the first stop on our trip is paris. we will be staying with one of tyler's friends for a few nights - so saving on money big time which is super nice. we actually circle back to paris at the end of our trip as we got a good deal on a roundtrip flight. we are staying at the hotel le grand pigalle. when finding a place in paris, i wanted to be sure we stayed somewhere that had a classic parisian balcony. i have this fantasy of waking up at 6am totally refreshed, making an espresso and throwing open the balcony doors with the wind blowing. and damnit, i am going to have it if it's the last thing i do! maybe substitute the espresso for a croissant and coffee though ;)

next on the trip is amsterdam where we will be staying at the hoxton. you have to take a look at their site! the vibe of the hotel is everything good. i am particularly excited to visit this city! i've been to paris and barcelona back in college, so amsterdam will be all fresh and new! the main reason i wanted to go here...outside of obvious that it is PEAK. TULIP. SEASON. just imagine: me, in-front of a massive row of tulips with a fabulous outfit, totally over the top, unintentionally embarrassing tyler to the max making us look like "those american tourists". i can HARDLY wait!!

after amsterdam, we are flying over to barcelona where my brother, jimmy, is studying abroad! this was the catalyst that got us to europe in the first place! we had been talking about going abroad for a long time (as people do), but it kept getting pushed to side because we would get overwhelmed with planning, we didn't want to spend the money, or we just couldn't find a good time to go. so we would end up forgetting about it and another year would go by! so funny how that happens, isn't it? you talk about saying you want to do something one minute, forget about it, and before you know it a year has gone by since you last discussed it! man, WHAT IS TIME?! barcelona we are staying at the hotel praktik bakery. you guys, the hotel is RIGHT above a cute bakery. i think this is my dream come true?

now that you have the full rundown on our trip, i can talk about what i've been thinking about most: clothes! and food. but mainly what i'm going to wear :) since we are going to be gone for a fair amount of time, i want to make sure i pack things that can be layered or dressed up/down. i also need to think about comfort, so no shoes TOO crazy!..but still have flair. based on my weather research during april *adjusts glasses* it looks like paris and amsterdam teeter around mid-60s and barcelona will be high 60s/low 70s. so, you see why i say layers! below is my current inspiration board. i actually already have a few things on this so at least i'm ahead in this department :) as you will see i'm really loving monochromatic color outfits, reds and some neutrals. not to mention that plaid! and in case you're feeling my european mood board, i've linked all the outfits below!

that being said, tyler and i would welcome any and all suggestions on where to eat, shop and/or your favorites in the area! while i have been to paris and barcelona, it was so long ago and a very different kind of trip. aka i was with adults and didn't have to do a ton of thinking! so any and all the advice is apprecited. do you have any exciting trips coming up? what should i absolutely pack abroad that you wish you had?? i'm in the zone of travel size steamer...oh, ya. 

that's all for now, folks! back to staying up too late and watching friends :)