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Surprise Birthday Trip to Hudson!

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Surprise Birthday Trip to Hudson!

well, i'm officially 26! this birthday couldn't have been more special. for a few weeks, tyler was alluding to some sort of surprise for my birthday a little more grand than a typical present (which his are always great!). but it wasn't until just a few days before my birthday that i realized we were going somewhere! the night before my birthday, tyler told me to pack a few things. which, wow - i never realized how stressful packing is when you have no idea where you're going or how long you will be gone for! i was able to squeeze out how many pairs of undies i should pack (easy way for me to figure out how long we would be gone!), but he was being very coy about what i should pack! somehow i packed just the right amount of shirts without going completely over the top. 

the morning of my birthday, we left the apartment at 7am! still having no idea where we were going, we arrived to penn station. i had a few guesses to where we might be headed, but it wasn't until we got on the train and i overheard tyler tell the conductor where we were going - Hudson, NY! tyler and i have been talking about taking a trip to Hudson for about two years and he somehow was able to make it work over LDW - one of the hardest weekends to make anything happen out here.

the whole weekend was just amazing.  each day there was something planned, but not too structured so that we couldn't roam around and do our own thing. we spent a lot of time wandering warren street where all the main stores are. i had a blast going into all the cute antique shops (which, there are many!!). tyler also had all our meals planned which was really nice :) my birthday dinner was by far the best. we had amazing farm-to-table style plates which we shared. my favorite was the heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and balsamic glaze, followed by a delicious key-lime pie. the food scene in hudson is really something special. almost all of the places we ate prided themselves in the freshness of their food. here are some of the places we went to:

  • grazin' diner
  • cafe le perche
  • moto coffee
  • spotty dog
  • talbot and arding
  • wm. farmer and sons
  • food studio
  • le gamin country

and finally, some photos from our trip!