Dessert Run to Queen's Comfort

hey everyone!

i know i start a lot of my blog posts out talking about the weather, but holy moly we finally have a nice sunday! 

for those out in the NYC area, the weather has been so crazy lately! one day it is 60 and the next day it is 90! then we go to having these amazing sunny days to torrential down-pour for 3-4 days straight. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING THEN WAKE-UP AND SMELL THE HUMIDITY.

any-who, :) you know when you go into a weekend thinking you aren't going to have any plans and then all of a sudden its 5pm on Sunday and you're like, "What happened to my weekend?!". that's kinda how i feel. so my new thing is waking up each weekend and entering the broadway lottery. if you follow me on IG, you may already know that i went and saw Sunset Boulevard and Cats just this month by entering the lotto online (you still have to pay, but tickets are only $50 and the seats are really great!). you may also know that i'm obsessed with Glenn Close and her performance as Norma Desmond in Sunset. in fact, i went and saw it for the second time yesterday because i won the lotto again and since it is only running until June 25th i went into YOLO mode and went. GAH. Glen is my Beyonce. PLEASE, if you are in the NYC area or are planning a trip, you need to see this show. cannot stress this enough!! wanna know something else? I entered the lotto this morning AND WON AGAIN. i wanted to go with my aunt, but it was a little too last minute and seeing it for a third time after just seeing it yesterday even sounded a little crazy to me. so alas, i didn't go today, but don't be surprised if i go one more time :)

this morning tyler and i headed over to one of our favorite go-to astoria spots, queens comfort. they do these awesome doughnuts every weekend and today's was strawberry shortcake with nilla wafer dusting and strawberry frosting. sooooo, we headed on over there and scored the LAST. ONE. my luck lately has been on point. probably should go and enter the actual lottery so i can retire at the ripe age of 25. in addition to the doughnut, we picked up another dessert QC is known for - it is an italian style dessert and you can bet by just looking at my pictures below how delish it was. now we are back at out apartment and tyler is mentally preparing himself for the showtime twin peaks premiere. 

i love when low-key weekends turn into something unexpected - that's one of the reasons i love living out here so much. you just never know what is going to happen. AND last thing - my friend sara asked if tyler and i wanted to attend the vueve polo classic in two-weeks and you can bet i said "HELL YES". this is something i have wanted to do for a while now and we are GOING. the outfit planning starts now.

hope you all are having a great sunday!