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Sundae in Soho

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Sundae in Soho

when we first moved to nyc, tyler and i found ourselves planning every single weekend outside of astoria. going on day trips to coney island, venturing to smorgasburg, walking around central park in the fall...we were just trying and going to every place we could think of with our free time. however, as time went on, we started to take for granted all the opportunities nyc had to offer and started staying in our neighborhood (which we so love) more and therefore started going into the city less on the weekends. and when i say less, i don't mean we never went. just less than we typically did in the past. however, tyler and i have been trying recently to go back in the city and take advantage of all there is to eat (more or less). we LOVE food. i will always spend the extra money on a meal first than over a material item. and with so many top-notch places out there, we are trying to do a new restaurant a week and it has been SO FUN.

so in an effort to stay on the restaurant train, we have found ourselves in the soho area of manhattan the past couple weekends (like this post!). and i gotta say, i'm not mad about it! soho is the epicenter of all the neighborhoods we want to be within walking distance from: east village, west village, nolita and lower east side. not to mention, soho has GREAT shopping. with our trip coming up, i'm not the only one thinking about what they want to wear (tyler!). so we decided to go into the city and do some window (or real) shopping and we found ourselves back in soho! however, first things first, we gotta have a photo op...


look familiar?? you can get the outfit details from this post! after all that posing and photo taking, we really worked up an appetite and decided to swing by balthazar (one of our favorite places) to see if we could get a spot at the bar. mind you, it was probably only 12 when we arrived and the place was PACKED. so unfortunately, that was a no go. however, balthazar's bakery was wiiiiiide open. so in we went! if you live in/near nyc this is going to sound crazy, but we had actually never been inside the bakery part! i don't know why, because for one, we both LOVE bread (oprah voice) and we both love balthazar. 

the pastries in there were like out of a french fairytale. all the beautiful tarts, macarons, croissants and...doughnuts. also, big news: i think there is a new favorite doughnut in town - at least for tyler there was! we ordered the banana walnut doughnut and it was: heavenly.


UM! i also ordered the lemon custard with raspberries macaron sandwich...


i wasted no time eating this as you can see. it was about two mouthfuls larger than what is pictured.

so now that we are on a full blown sugar high, we are ready to shop. for me, i had an extremely successful day of spending! i've also discovered that i would rather have a really awful shopping day and come home with money, but whatever. at least i'll look cute! if you were wondering what i purchased, just keep reading because you KNOW i'm gonna tell ya :) i got this outfit from zara and these shoes from nike! i can't wait to wear the full outfit. eee, why are clothes so great?! tyler got some shopping out of the way too...SWEATPANTS. but you know, cool ones.

ok, so now that we are back to being hungry after an intense shopping excursion, we had the PEAK of our saturday. but before that, two very important things happened: 1. i took this photo of tyler where he looks like a deer in the headlights. i'm DYING of laughter as i type this. 


and 2. we had an hour to kill so we stopped at this cute little bar called rintintin. i actually really enjoyed this place. it is a solid "i wasn't planning on going here, but i'm happy that i am here" kinda vibe. and hey! i had a cute drink called the bees knees which made me think about one of my best friends, samantha, who is getting married this summer!! ah! so excited. 


sidenote: you guys...isn't portrait mode DOPE!? the quality of my photos have gotten immensely better after getting the new iphone is actually crazy. wow. what even was life before, you know? 

time for the best part and highlight of the day: uncle boons for dinner. tyler and i agree this place was one of the best meal experiences we have had in nyc. it is thai food, but not your regular kind of thai food. take a look at their menu and you'll know what i'm talking about!! we actually ordered straight off the infatuation review and i highly recommend you take a look at this if it is your first time going! my favorite thing was the mango salad and spicy chicken small plate. first time goers - you better get there 15-20 minutes before it opens to get a guaranteed spot!! it is 100% worth it. take a look at the coconut sundae:


i mean... have you seen anything more beautiful?? kira kira helped, but still. 

after our 5:30 dinner, we were promptly back in our apartment by 8! in my opinion, a great saturday. can't wait for more of these ahead! what's your favorite weekend activity??