Sunny in the City!

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

i have a few life updates to share! the first - tyler and i are wash and fold converts. goodbye to doing laundry on our own! we can't resist that perfectly folded square pile of clothes. the second, tyler and i joined the GYM. wuuuuut. i still don't believe it. it all started on thursday when tyler tried to get me to go for a run and i was saying "I WOULD RATHER JOIN A GYM THEN GO FOR A RUN, OK?!" and then tyler was like "OK!" and so then we walked over and joined the gym! haha. so far i have gone each day we've been a member *3 days*. but hey, better than zero and it actually feels kinda good! we will see how long this stint lasts :)

soooo, naturally the first thing we did today when we got up was go to the gym! after that, we decided to head into the city since the day was turning out to be so beautiful! we made our way over to this aussie cafe our friends introduced us to, bluestone lane. there are actually a few locations around the city, but today we went to the one on the upper east side. our meal was deeeelish. tyler and i really like going there because the food is fresh and the ingredients are fairly healthy while also being extremely tasty (pretty hard combo to master!). unfortunately, i don't have any pics of our meal because we were STARVING and devoured our food as soon as it arrived, but if you go i would recommend the banana bread, avo toast, or grain bowl! also their juices are soooo dang good. YUM.

post lunch, we crossed the street and went to central park - the reservoir is right there which is quite something to see! i always forget how huge the park is, but once you see this enormous pond it gives you the reminder you need. 

see what i mean? it is huge! 

part of the plan for the rest of the day was to walk down to the met and sip on something yummy on the roof! if you haven't done this, i would really suggest you go! the view is so beautiful on a nice day like today. and you definitely feel very fancy sipping a cocktail overlooking central park. you almost feel like that apartment overlooking the park belongs to you ;) one can dream!

once we were finished at the met we took a long stroll through the park. to give you an idea, we were up at 90th and made our way down to 59! my feet were SOAR by the end of the day, but it was so worth it because these nice days have been so far and few between that when we do have them, all you want to do is spend time outside.

after all that walking, tyler ended our day in the city the only way we know how - EATING. we went to one of my favorite burger spots, the burger joint! it is kind of hidden as it is park of the parker meridian hotel, but it is a really cool vibe! i didn't realize tyler had never been, but he approves ;) 

and it wouldn't be a good day without some ice cream! milk bar was right next door and it would have been a sin to pass that up. straight to hell for sure. 

well that was our day! this good weather better stay!! i hope you had good weather wherever that may be!!