Tiny Home Update: New Sheets!

Tiny Home Update: New Sheets!


lately this nyc weather has been so nice it got me all excited for spring! yes, SPRING. hey, it has been hitting 50 consistently so don't think i'm delusional :) with these warmer nights, our flannel sheets just weren't cutting it - aka our bed was getting WARM. soooo, time for new sheets! it might sound funny, but tyler and i never really had more than one pair of sheets. with minimal storage its kind of one and done. but, our "all year round" sheets ripped and then i bought the flannel and, well, now here we are! don't worry though, we have made space for the extra set :) 

i don't know about you, but shopping for sheets can always be a little stressful. i tend to flip back and forth between these things: prints or solids? linen or cotton? affordable or expensive? so with all those swirling questions, here is where i netted out:

minimal print, cotton, and VERY affordable.

as much as i love the expensive sheet trend happening on the internet right now, i don't really see how a $200 set of sheets can be that much better than a $40 set of sheets. no matter what, they always get softer the more you wash them! and if you're like me, i like to change out my sheets and i would feel very guilty doing that if i owned expensive ones.

so, with all that rambling, take a peep at the update below!