My Top Europe Looks

My Top Europe Looks

i can't believe that our europe trip has already come and gone. like any big event, after it ends it feels like it was all just a dream. but it wasn't! it really, really happened. i am so grateful tyler and i were able to go on this trip. traveling for us is so good for the soul. we feel renewed and inspired in so many ways. coming back to nyc was by no means "easy"...i think we asked ourselves about a hundred times, "do we have to go back?! let's just move to amsterdam" - amsterdam was by far our favorite city. 

to keep the europe momentum alive, i thought i would share my three favorite looks from the trip. i will do a larger blog post on our trip in the coming weeks, but here is a little taste for now!


you will see blazers and pantsuits were a strong theme on my trip! i wanted to bring pieces i knew i could wear interchangably, but also make a statement when wanted. and man...did this outfit do just that! before i left for my trip, my colleague told me that in paris, no one really wears color. i thought to myself, ya sure...we are in nyc where ppl also don't wear color, i'm familiar with that feeling. but i kid you not, when i busted out this yellow pantsuit, HEADS TURNED. it is so funny, but people were actually standing behind tyler in this photo taking pictures of ME! a little embarassing, but i'm not one to turn away a crowd ;) nevertheless, my co-worker was right. at least from 4/5-4/9, no one in paris wore color but, muah! 


this pink pantsuit is needed in every woman's closet. i mean...who doesn't want to wear a pink pantsuit?! i'm fulfilling my 13 year old dreams here. surprisingly, the fabric is super comfortable - it is soft and has a nice stretch. you can buy the blazer here and pants here.


my last look of the trip! due to our flight, we headed back to paris for one more night. we were able to meet up with my dad, aunt and uncle for dinner which was so special seeing it was my dad's first time abroad. tyler and i also stayed at the dreamiest hotel, le grand pigalle (highly recommended!). i think those 24hrs beat the whole first leg of our paris trip. unfortunately, just about everything in this look is either vintage (my georgio armani blazer and blouse!) or sold out (my j.crew shoes!). BUT, you can buy my favorite leggings of all time here.

au revoir, vacation!! more to come on our europe trip!