"I smell snow"

“i smell snow.”

happy sunday, everyone! if you didn’t know, that is a quote from my fav show gimore girls and it felt very appropriate to open with :)

for the third year in a row now, there has been this dreamy blizzard that happens like clockwork in january. each year tyler and i have woken up looking out our window and seeing these tiny flurries dancing outside our fire escape. i usually end up staring in awe hoping it will never stop and that we will be happily trapped in our cozy apartment with our christmas tree (yes, it is still up!), warm drinks and a good binge-worthy tv show. in my hypothetical dream, businesses are also still open so that we can get take out :) 

usually the routine is we sit inside for the morning and then muster up enough strength to change out of our robes and into our snow boots (not to mention my giant black wool coat that i only wear when i know snow is past my heels!). there is also a lot of persuading tyler because it is really just an excuse for me to pretend i’m the snow queen of astoria and have him document my reign :) but because tyler is the best and he selfishly wants a beautiful snowy photo as well, we head out into the storm and takeover the streets on our block! i’m always so shocked that there aren’t more people taking advantage of this snowy wonderland…where is your inner child, people?! 

after the photoshoot is over and tyler’s fingers are frozen, we would normally head back inside for the rest of the day. but this year was different! we had plans to go into the city and seeing the streets and buildings covered with this white blanket felt unreal! i love the snow especially in nyc because for once everything feels very quiet. there are less people on the sidewalks and new york becomes this utopia you only see in movies. it also feels like it’s still christmas which is always a huge plus in my book. to say the least, tyler and i are big fans of snow (when it doesn’t cause our roof to leak) and we take advantage of it and all it’s beauty whenever we can. what is your favorite thing to do when it snows??




p.s. - thank you to vicente for giving me that extra push to get back on my blog!